If you aren’t already meal prepping, you really ought to be.

Imagine this:

You wake up and hit the snooze button a few times.. you have meetings all day, and don’t have any time to stop for your usual breakfast sandwich (which is heavy on your stomach and laden with extra calories and fat). So you get ready and head into the office on an empty stomach. Hours go by, and now you are STARVING. You go out for lunch and eat 3 portions of chips and salsa and go on to finish your entire entree. Fast forward one hour, and it’s hard for you to focus on your work because of the little food baby inside of you.



You wake up and hit the snooze button (it’s okay, we all do it). You get up, get ready, and grab your pre-made parfait and top it with granola. Or your cute little mason jar of overnight oats. Maybe you even have time to make some eggs. You’re full and productive until lunch. Then at lunch, you eat the prepared leftovers from your killer dinner last night, which is a perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fat. Just what you need to get you through the afternoon. You are productive from morning to evening, and you even have time to go for a walk at lunch!

I’ve prepared a meal prep template for you to try out. Seriously, just humor me. If you try this for one week and it doesn’t save you MONEY, save you TIME, and make you more PRODUCTIVE, then ditch it.

Here is my plan from last week, including my grocery list (which only cost me $70 at Aldi). You can download your own blank template HERE!